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A Guide to Environmental Awareness Environmental conservation is not a single individual task but a combined effort of all stakeholders. The adverse effects of climate change are imminent in every corner of the universe. This may be in the form of floods as a result of melting glaciers, drought and other extreme changes in weather patterns including delayed rain periods among others. Deforestation has been a leading agent of climate change. In most cases trees are cut down for the purposes of settlement. Additionally, the printing industry has also contributed much to the cutting down of trees for the raw materials required in making papers. At the moment the world has become more aware of how delicate the environment is and the printing industry has come up with various steps towards reducing the negative effects on the environment. The printing industry have come out in large numbers to champion awareness for environmental conservation. It has been evidenced that various firms have become promoters of going green meaning they stand for environmental conservation. This is important not only to the environment but also the business as customers will align themselves with businesses that are environmentally conscious. Printing companies have embraced the mantra to go green which is a good move to emphasize the issue of environmental conservation. These companies have come up with strategies to eliminate the harmful substances that impact negatively to the environment. This has been experienced in the types of papers used in printing by these companies. In most cases in the 21st century, those firms that are eco – conscious have embraced the aspect of recycling printing papers. It is helpful when it comes to conserving energy, reducing water pollution and reliance on trees for papers. Tree cutting will go down as reliance on them as the primary source of printing papers has gone down through the moves by the printing firms. On the aspect of paper production, chemicals such as chlorine are used to enable whitening of the papers. The result is toxic chemicals that are harmful to the marine life. Eliminating chlorine by various printers has also helped much in conserving the environment.
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Printing also requires inks. Printing ink used in the past was a product of harmful chemicals that are considered a threat to life. The current vegetable oil based inks used by eco- conscious printers has reduced the harmful effects to the environment. It is important to note that the vegetable-based inks are more renewable and biodegradable. It has been proven that these inks are eco-friendly and can be easily dispersed from the papers in the recycling process. In essence, many of these printing firms have created awareness and at the same time led by example to conserve the environment. Benefits of environmental conservation can be felt by every individual regardless.6 Facts About Tips Everyone Thinks Are True

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